Covid-19 Worship Safety

Sunday 10 AM Worship

Our Main Auditorium has returned to full seating setup. With vaccinations increasing and the virus spread stabilizing, we see more of our family returning to worship in person. We hope the increase in seating allows more members of our Deep River family to reunite in worship of our Lord and for families to be seated together while still maintaining social distancing.

Masks, social distancing, and other safety protocols will still be required and in place for the foreseeable future.

Please remember if you are not comfortable in a mask, our small MP2 auditorium is available to you.

The Shepherds thank you for your continued support of all safety protocols.

if you have any concerns, are over 65, or have an underlying health condition that makes you more vulnerable to the virus, the Shepherds fully understand if you wish to worship from your home with our online worship. You will remain a valued member of the Deep River Family.

We continue to pray that the day will soon come that we will all be reunited under one roof in the worship and praise of God and His Son, Christ Jesus.

As a reminder, should you need assistance during this time of restricted social contact, please phone the building 336-454-3011 and leave a message in the general mailbox, or email us at


Bible Studies

Sunday evening small group bible study has resumed meeting at the church building, starting at 5PM. 

The Sunday evening small group study will continue to be conducted via Zoom for anyone who wishes to participate at home. 

Wednesday AM bible btudy has resumed meeting in-person at the Deep River building at 11AM.  All are welcome to attend.  There is no online option for this meeting.

Beginning on April 28, Wednesday evening in-person study and prayer session meet at the building, starting at 7PM.  This will also be available via Zoom.

For all Zoom classes, members will receive access instructions via email.  If you would like to join one of our online classes and need the instructions, please send us a message.


Important Safety Information

The shepherds ask that all who attend Sunday Morning worship services, or come to the Deep River campus for any other reason to please continue to perform self-checks for health symptoms related to the virus.

  • Fever over 100
  • Cough & Sneezing
  • Loss of or altered sense of taste or smell
  • Severe body aches
  • Stomach & Intestinal issues

If you are experiencing any of these conditions, please stay at home and contact a health professional.

If you are aware of contact with a COVID-19 positive individual, please remain at home until you are sure that you are negative for the virus.


Worship Safety Protocols

Health Safety Protocol Guidelines have been put in place by the Shepherds to mitigate any virus transmission based upon CDC guidelines. If you have questions about any of the protocols, please contact one of the shepherds.

The main points to remember:

  • Maintain Social Distancing of 6-feet from non-family members.
  • The main auditorium is reserved for members wearing masks.
  • Members who do not wish to wear a mask are seated in MP2.
  • Please do not make physical contact with non-family members. (No hugging, no kissing, no handshakes, no fist or elbow bumps).
  • The Nursery is open for parental use, but is not staffed. If the nursery is occupied and you are concerned about entering, changing tables are available in all restrooms, both Ladies & Mens. The nursing room & classroom next to the nursery remain closed and are not being cleaned. 
  • Most classrooms remain closed. Please do not use closed rooms as they are not included in the cleaning regimen. Use of any classroom or the kitchen should first be approved by the shepherds. The Shepherds thank you for your understanding and continued cooperation. 
  • If you wish to fellowship after services, please do so outside while maintaining 6-feet of social distancing. Please do not linger in the building.
  • Please be assured that all cleaning and sanitizing routines remain in place to ensure the safest gatherings possible. All areas that are being cleaned are undergoing sanitization as well.