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Image Adult Education MinistryCoordinators: Khari Garvin

The Adult Education Ministry facilitates opportunities for spiritual growth and maturity through the ongoing study of God's Word (the Bible) to understand His truth and His will for our lives.

2024 Deep River Spiritual Theme - "Saved to SERVE"

Sermons and class studies for this year will encourage each of use to discover and use our talents in His service.

Foundation Scripture: 1 Peter 4:10

""As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, tas good stewards of God’s varied grace"


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Image AV Ministry

The AV Ministry leverages various audiovisual methods to support Deep River’s mission to “Save the Lost and keeping the Saved, Saved”. We manage audio during worship service, Sunday morning Bible class, and various other functions. Additionally, we stream the Sunday morning worship service in real time and on-demand via various platforms. We also record and provide DVD copies of specific services or classes (per individual request), baptisms, and special events such as funerals and weddings.

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Coordinators: Greg and Ashley Patterson

The Fellowship ministry coordinates activities that provide opportunities for the congregation to connect outside of the normal worship service and Bible study meeting times.  The purpose of this ministry is to edify the body by breaking down any barriers between us, helping us to grow closer and better function as the body of Christ.

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Coordinators: Todd Hamm

Our greeters welcome and greet members and visitors as they come to the building for worship service and/or Bible study.  Greeters present a warm smiling face, and serve to assist with any information about our services and the facility (bathroom, class location, etc.).

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The grounds committee creates a welcoming and safe campus for members and visitors to enjoy.

A big part of this ministry is using labor provided by our church family instead of hiring the work out. Volunteers work together on various grounds maintenance and beautification projects.  Work Days are organized on occasion, as needs arise.  Recent projects have included planting new bushes, refreshing landscaping, and performing maintenance on a drain pipe.

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Coordinators: Peggy Hamblin

The card writing team writes encouragement cards to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, new babies and accomplishments. We send cards to home bound members and family members of our brothers & sisters. We also encourage during times of illness, surgery, grief or other important events.

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Each week, men of the congregation gather to give praise to the Father for His everlasting goodness and to petition Him with specific prayer requests that have been given to the church and to those men participating in this ministry.

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Image Small GroupsCoordinators: Deep River Shepherds

Small Groups provide a small, intimate atmosphere to help members to plug in with people and/or families of their same age and/or interests. Participants study God’s word together and share a fellowship meal.

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Coordinators: Laura Boozer

Sisters Offering Services (SOS) has been established to meet basic needs for members and non-members of Deep River church of Christ.  SOS will assist with coordinating baby and wedding showers, meals for families in need (surgeries, deaths etc), arrange transportation and any other needs that may arise.  SOS provides an avenue to serve each other (Acts 20:35/ 1 Peter 4:10) through a family atmosphere where service is a privilege. 

Ladies who serve as coordinators in this ministry are paired with another coordinator for one month, working together to ensure that needs are met as they arise during their assigned month.

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