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Coordinators: Joan Slaughter

Act Two is a ministry intended to meet the needs of widows. We aim to be supportive physically, spiritually and emotionally. We seek to build friendships and create a sense of belonging for our widows.

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Image HeartfeltCoordinators: Julie Galloway

Heartfelt is a mentoring ministry designed to develop closer relationships across generations among the women in the church and to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ.  


  • to equip women with Biblical principles
  • to prepare them for the work of loving and serving their children and husbands
  • to encourage and strengthen godly families and Christian homes
  • to serve the relationship needs of women in the church and community

A Heart Mom is a host Mom who prepares a meal in her home, a Helper Mom in another Heart Mom's home, or a Bible teacher Heart Mom who teaches the lesson.

A Heart Sister is a younger Christian wife, a mother with children in her home, a single mom, or a single young woman. A Heart Sister agrees to commit to a small group (Heart Group) for a season of Heartfelt. She will be the guest of honor at a Heart Mom's home, along with other Heart Sisters, to enjoy hospitality, a meal, friendship, fellowship, and a bible study.

The Heartfelt ministry is based on Titus 2:3-5.

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Coordinators: Leslie Garvin

New class starting on March 4

The Practice of Godliness (1 Timothy 4:8)

On March 4th we will embark on a 13-part study of godliness. We will dig into God’s word to discover the definition of godliness and the character traits of a godly person. We will explore qualities that relate to our relationship to God, those that relate to how we manage ourselves, and the godly traits that allow us to deal with others.

Our goal is to grow to be more like Christ in our attitudes and actions as we endeavor to "Live on Bended Knee".

This class will meet on the first three weeks of each month. On the last Wednesday of the month, we will assemble in the auditorium to participate in the Midweek Motivation gathering.

General Information abour our Ladies' Classes

We have a 12-13 week long Ladies' class twice a year, March-May and September-November, during our regular Wednesday night bible study hour at 7PM.  Also, there is typically a 6-week short summer session between July and August.  

Purpose: To study and learn God’s word and how to apply it to our lives daily; to build relationships with other women in a small intimate setting; and an opportunity to share God’s word with members and those within the community.

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Image LIFT (Ladies Inspirational Fellowship Time)Coordinators: Leslie Garvin, Erin Travland, and Rebekah Cunningham

The goal of LIFT is to gather ladies together throughout the year for the purpose of fellowship, devotion, and service. Activities occur both at the building and beyond. This group also helps coordinate the biennial Deep River Ladies Day.

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