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Image Youth/Children’s EducationCoordinators: Leslie Bell

Ministry Contacts:
Cradle Roll & Pre-school: Betty Bell
Journey Land: J. Leslie Bell
Pathways: Rick Stanley

The purpose of the Youth/Children’s Education Ministry is to introduce to children God’s word as the building blocks of a solid spiritual foundation and the beginning of a life-long intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Ages 0-5:

Children’s classes begin with Cradle Roll through age 5.  Loving and experienced adult volunteers ensure a safe and nurturing environment for infants.  Pre-school classes (ages 2&3 and 4&5) are taught using fun-filled interactive lessons already designed by ministry members.  Volunteers who work with all of our children are vetted and background checked.

Grades 1-6:

Journey Land is a Bible-centered, interactive pre-designed curriculum for Grades 1st – 6th that teaches biblical stories/themes and principles by walking (journeying) through the Bible in monthly rotations in a three-year cycle, including the following classes:

HIStory/Memory Makers - introduces children to the biblical holy lands and geography via maps, timelines, storytelling and includes a discussion of the culture of those times.

Theater - children become intimately familiar with biblical events and scriptural principles by re-enacting the many events in the Bible

Listen Up - nurtures musical interest by introducing songs

Play Station - helps children learn memory verses and biblical facts in a workshop full of interactive games and activities

Truth Lab - instills long-term knowledge of “life” principles grounded in scripture

Gifted Hands - children create projects, prepare meals typical of the day, and other artistic activities to reinforce their knowledge of the Bible.

Grades 7 & 8:

Pathways, designed for pre-teens in Grades 7th and 8th (and as a follow-up to the Journey Land curriculum), is aimed at bringing our youth into a deeper relationship with and understanding of God, His word, and His direction for their lives.  Teachers encourage honest discussions and a safe space to talk about conversational topics such as school, family, and faith.  

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